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Field Medicine

Sylvin Barclaw

Front Flip

Urban Camo

Elusive Backlash

Diesel Anderpunk

Flame Dash

Incendiary Blast

Molten Barrage



Tethered Blade

Energized Perimiter






Crushing Leap

Pain Shield




Armored Shell

Blast Radius



Stun Slash

Rip and Tear


Bull Rush


Meat Shield


Striking Leap

Ballistic Onslaught



Vanishing Act

Spin Kick

D.A. Stance



Assassins Mark

Executioner's Strike

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Latest News


    Voucher Redemption Issues »

    Through various channels we have heard of some users having issues with their vouchers either that they received online or through the direct console messaging from PlayStation. For users experiencing this issue there are a few solutions that we have seen and/or heard about from your fellow comm...

    Brutal Extinction Mastery Disabled! »

    Reaper's Brutal Extinction Mastery has been disabled due to a bug that was discovered in this most recent version of Kill Strain. Any players currently utilizing the Brutal Extinction Mastery will want to remove it from their equipped Mastery list as it now has no effect.

    Play W/Devs Happy Hours »

    We have had some Play w/Devs sessions previously, and are going to try to make it more of a regular feature, so starting this week we will run a Play W/Devs Happy Hour Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 5pm-6pm PDT. Multiple members of the Dev Team will be jumping online during this timeframe wi...

    Thanks PAX East »

    This past weekend (April 22nd-April 24th) we had the great opportunity to have Kill Strain on the show floor at PAX East in Boston. It was the first time we have had Kill Strain at a show back east, and it went very well. Community Manager Zach and Community Specialist Christian got a chance to...

    Play W/Devs 4/18/16...and more »

    UPDATE: 4/18/16 For this coming week we are going run a bit of a challenge on Monday(edit: Let's run this through Wednesday night 4/20/16, Current top mark is held by DarthEban at 49 Objectives turned in), let's see who can get the most Objectives in a single match and upload their screen shot t...

    More Updates

Behind The Strain

Our fellow cosplay enthusiasts (IG: @Tsukixxhime and @Darkonewingedangelpro) dressed up as Vinny and Elena during Comic-con week 2015. Cruising around downtown San Diego followed by a camera while taking pictures and scouting for prospective Kill Strain players.
You can now sign up for Private Access Testing! These are our lucky winners from E3 Kill Strain battles that won artwork created on-site. Check out this recap from some of the reactions during the three glorious days at this year's E3 compressed into two and a half minutes of pure viewing pleasure.
PlayStation.Blog interviews San Diego Studio's Anthony Morton about Kill Strain at PlayStation's E3 2015 Live Coverage show.
Kill Strain’s Art Director comments on some of the aspects implemented regarding game design.
San Diego Studio invited community members for a friendly playtest. This was their first time trying out Kill Strain, check out their reactions.
Ryan’s art creation process compressed into this incredible two and a half minute time-lapse.


Some great work from the #KillStrain community players, with this new user guide posted to the Forums:
RT @PainfulPawnage: Are you a new player in #KillStrain? Looking for tips on the game? Join us at! Devs and players…
#KillStrain Limited Access Happy Hour is about to start:
RT @SDZachT: Get online and play some #KillStrain people. E4M7-7KNN-25T7 some really fun matches this week so far!
RT @AHabibipour: Made a test print from our Elena game model #killstrain